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Contemporary Realism
Commissioned Portraits

Since 2001, when Vose Galleries returned to promoting the work of living artists after a forty-year hiatus, the gallery has been the site of solo exhibitions featuring varied forms of realism by Polly Thayer Starr, Virginia Precourt, David Brega, Robert Douglas Hunter, Robert Grady, Constance Pach, Joel Babb, Liz Haywood-Sullivan, Janet Monafo, Elliot Offner, John Whalley and most recently Warren Prosperi and Donald Demers.

In 2003 and 2004, Vose Galleries exhibited painting and sculpture by over ninety realist artists in the two-part series Mentors and Protégés. Artists from all over the country participated in this ground-breaking exhibition that explored the crucial mentoring process.

More recently, Vose Contemporary Realism was featured in a multi-page spread by the premier contemporary art magazine, American Art Collector. With a discussion of the contemporary department's development and the impressive history of the family business, this photo essay was presented in the November 2007 issue. Click here to view the full article online.

Vose Contemporary Realism also encompasses the portraiture department. Under the direction of Carey L. Vose, the department represents the work of diverse artists, offering a variety of styles and media for commissioned portraits.

Joel Babb

David Brega

Donald Demers

June Grey

Liz Haywood-Sullivan

Robert Hunter

Janet Monafo

Constance Pach

Warren Prosperi

Shirley Pulido

Carol Rowan

John Whalley